LED Light Therapy

Experience younger, healthier looking skin with state of the art LED Light Therapy. A perfect treatment to reduce redness due to rosacea and acne inflammation, increase oxygen, cellular activity, collagen production, moisture retention and formation of new capillaries leaving the skin healthier with a natural plump appearance.

BB Skin offers 4 different types of LED Light Therapy and the respective colour and wavelength of light emitted is chosen specifically for your skin type:

RED L.E.D – increases cellular regeneration, provides energy & stimulation to the cells, increases local blood circulation and lymphatic system activity, is anti-ageing and speeds up the healing of wounds.

BLUE L.E.D – Treats acne, attacks Propionbacterium (P. acnes) bacteria which is photosensitive. Reduces reddening and cools couperose and Rosacea.

GREEN L.E.D – Treats epidermal pigmented lesions and improves skin tone & texture.

YELLOW L.E.D– Reduces selling, inflammation and reddening

L.E.D is the perfect add-on and is offered as a bespoke part of the non-surgical facelift and the microdermabrasion treatment

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